22 September 2010

Twisted Chimney

One of the most distinctive buildings on Shavteli Street is currently undergoing restoration. The building is the home of a puppet theatre and a cafe run by Rezo Gabriadze, an internationally renowned Georgian artist. It is scheduled to re-open in the Autumn and I have been told it is as interesting inside as outside. I look forward to visiting.


Kate said...

And, I look forward to some interior photos of this building with that remarkable chimney. We have a house with one similar in our city, and I should photograph that one, too. I love all the snapshots you have posted of your city and environs.

Leif Hagen said...

Very interesting window frames and twisted chimney! Lovely photo of the beautiful exterior - I hope you photograph the interior, too!

olli said...

Thanks. Once it's open again I will be there. It just happens to be across the street from an Irish bar so I'm in the area regularly.