08 October 2010

Bridge of Peace 4

bridge of peace

Even though the Bridge of Peace was officially opened earlier this year work is continuing and it is not yet possible to cross it.


Ham said...

We did when we were there in August, but bizarrely when I went to take photographs of the presidential palace, the security guards stopped me! (as if you couldn't take a picture from somewhere else).

Do email me if you want the name of an excellent guide (or to talk about georgia, for that matter) londondailyphoto (at) gmail.com

Ham said...

(When I say "we did" I should have said, we crossed the bridge)

(oh, and some of my geotagged shots are here http://picasaweb.google.com/londondailyphoto/GeorgiaFavourites#)

olli said...

Hello Ham. Maybe they left it open for a while after the official opening. For now it's only possible to get onto the bridge to the left of this image and to get to where these steps are.

I had the same experience with the police when I pointed my camera at the palace: http://photographybyolli.blogspot.com/2010/09/no-photo.html

I'll have a look at your pictures - maybe I can get some inspiration. I'm updating mine with new galleries from time to time at olli.smugmug.com